Digital Day

Shape the future of AI

Dom omladine, 21/05/2024

About Digital Day Conference

“Shape the Future of AI” brings the narrative of innovation and progress where artificial intelligence revolutionizes advertising, creating more efficient, personalized, and impactful campaigns. AI in advertising presents a transformative force—a powerful ally that enhances targeting precision, personalization capabilities, content creation, and the overall advertising landscape.

As this narrative unfolds, we see the rise of AI that evokes striking fear of reclaiming control over the future of many. People are afraid of job displacement, skill devaluation, and role replacement in various fields. Despite these concerns, human qualities, expertise, and presence remain irreplaceable in many aspects, allowing us to shape the future of AI together.

“Shape the future of AI” is a call to action for all of us to participate in decision-making, emphasizing our power to navigate its impact on an individual level. It reminds us that AI is not static but a constantly evolving system we can shape and influence. By cooperating with AI, we can embrace its positive side and build a better future for ourselves and future generations.

The conference will break down key areas where AI significantly impacts digital advertising, including targeting, creative delivery, data utilization, and personalized user experiences. We’ll emphasize AI’s role in fostering meaningful connections between brands and consumers, enabling advertisers to deeply understand audience behavior for personalized messaging, and highlighting AI’s dual benefit for advertisers and consumers.

As we navigate the future of intelligent advertising, our Digital Day will stand as a testament to our commitment to staying smart, wise, and forward-thinking in the ever-evolving realm of AI-powered marketing.

We will unite experts and practitioners from digital marketing to share their insights, experiences, and solutions for addressing the future of AI and its impact on advertising.

Digital Day 2024 aims to foster collaborative dialogues across agencies, media, brands, and tech sides to address challenges and opportunities in the creative industry, particularly in relation between advertising and AI.

Join us on this exciting journey of exploration, innovation, and collaboration!