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“Shape the Future of AI” brings the narrative of innovation and progress where artificial intelligence revolutionizes advertising, creating more efficient, personalized, and impactful campaigns. AI in advertising presents a transformative force—a powerful ally that enhances targeting precision, personalization capabilities, content creation, and the overall advertising landscape. However, for many, AI evokes fear of job displacement, skill devaluation, and role replacement in various fields. Despite these concerns, human qualities, expertise, and presence remain irreplaceable in many aspects, allowing us to shape the future of AI together. Our Digital Day will stand as a testament to our commitment to staying smart, wise, and forward-thinking in the ever-evolving realm of AI-powered marketing.


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Interactive Advertising Bureau – IAB Serbia is an association that was founded in 2009 with the aim of actively supporting the growth, education and development of the digital and interactive marketing market and industry in Serbia. As part of the global IAB network and member of IAB Europe, IAB Serbia strives to help media and advertising industry participants thrive in the digital economy. The membership consists of more than 80 media and digital agencies, publishers, brands and technology companies.

IAB Serbia conducts statistical research on interactive advertising, simultaneously educating brands, agencies and the wider business community about the importance of digital marketing while developing technical standards and solutions.

As an association, IAB Serbia is extremely dedicated to professional development and raising the knowledge, skills, expertise and diversity of the workforce in the entire industry. One of the main missions is aimed at the constant development of the local digital and interactive market, providing adequate educational content to all actors, enabling greater market transparency and promoting European IAB standards and values at the local level.